[Updated] DAN Travel Insurance Guide

If you love traveling very much, it is a must to acquire travel insurance. It will serve as your security and protection from possible financial stakes and deficits while traveling. Sample if these circumstances are sudden cancellation of your trip due to uncontrollable factors or medical emergency outside the country. One of the best advantages … Read more

Dimenhydrinate vs Meclizine

Travelers who don’t feel any motion sickness are indeed lucky. They don’t have to drink medicine to feel good. Most of the time, they enjoy the whole travel time and have time on social media updating their friend on their travel journey. But for those who have motion sickness, your cruise or sailing trip might … Read more

[Updated] Why wont my RV toilet hold water?

Travelling can be a source of irritation if you have a faulty toilet bowl. It is very uncomfortable having a bad odor in the bathroom. Plus, having a toilet that does not flush properly. These problems usually initiate due to insufficient water inside the toilet bowl. And with that, this article contains enough information that … Read more

[Updated] Has anyone survived the strid

The Strid describes as an innocent gift of Mother Nature for us human. It has the beauty that indeed admirable, worth instagramable with a catchy caption. Its rows are only approximately more than one meter apart. They viewed it to be low and tranquil, a perfect spot for a sight-seeing enact. However, the beautiful body … Read more