Pan The Organizer Exposed

Pan The Organizer Exposed: Things You Need To Know

When you have a car problem, what do you usually do? Many people search for helpful posts on the internet to identify the cause and solutions at home. From there, they will not have to spend too much time and money to find local repair centers.

Therefore, many people have set up different channels to reach users and introduce them to valuable topics. One of the prominent names is Pan The Organizer.

However, popularity will come with unhealthy competitors. Below, we will introduce more about this man and his Youtube channel’s controversy.

Who Is Pan The Organizer?

If you are a car enthusiast and want to find out practical tips to improve the quality of your car, then surely you will not be able to ignore Pan The Organizer.

He is a Canadian and has a passion for car parts. Pan had a special interest in assembling and organizing objects from an early age. So he grew up with that passion and learned the details of automobile parts.

In addition, this special connection also originates from his own family. Pan’s relatives did not stop him but also supported him to do what he wanted.

What Does Pan The Organizer Do?

Pan’s hobby is cleaning and organizing things in the house, and he wants to share secrets with everyone. Therefore, he created a Youtube channel with the main topics related to cars.

His videos are all very well crafted. Pan didn’t introduce himself too much, just tried to focus on the topic he wanted to talk about. The two most popular contents on Pan the organizer’s Youtube channel are the detailing tutorial and product reviews. The products that he introduces in the video are often very carefully tested.

In addition to producing videos on Youtube, Pan also expands channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and websites to reach more people quickly. He also doesn’t introduce himself too much on these platforms but just focuses on directing people to his helpful videos on Youtube.

Even Pan has tried to write a few books to introduce his secrets to many people. His books were among the best sellers at the time of their release.

Pan The Organizer’s Achievements

When I first started Youtube, Pan the organizer, did not attract too many views. But thanks to his hard work and endless passion for cars, his channel has achieved many desirable achievements.

Up to now, Pan has a total of nearly 700,000 registrations. The total number of views on this Youtube channel is 85 million. These numbers are all achievements that Pan achieved while working on ideas and editing videos.

Thanks to these achievements, the name Pan the organizer has become one of the most popular Youtube channels in the mechanical field, along with Chrisfix, Clean my space, Chemical Guys. They are leaders sharing tips to improve car quality and solutions to fix fundamental problems.

Pan’s primary source of income is his Youtube channel. Up to now, the revenue from this video has helped him reach 154,000 USD.

Pan The Organizer Exposed

The popularity did not last long when Pan got into a controversy. Some people think that the products he introduces on the video are advertising and not genuine. They trusted and bought it, but the quality of the product was not as good as what Pan had assessed.

This issue has received a lot of attention, including famous YouTubers. They are willing to make a new video to talk about this controversy. Many people have defended him, and others believe that the reflection is accurate.

Therefore, Pan posted on his personal Facebook page to clarify his point of view. He claims that he does not receive money for advertising and that the reviews are entirely objective. Although these explanations have somewhat reduced the heat of the issue, it is still impossible to confirm that his words are actual.

In addition, he also created a YouTube video over 16 minutes long to talk about this issue. This video has attracted 150,000 views and has a lot of supporters of Pan. After this incident, the number of subscribers to the Pan the organizer channel has decreased significantly. But that’s not why he was discouraged. Pan still makes many videos with many different topics to share his tips.


Each product has different advantages and disadvantages. Pan’s reviews may not satisfy some people who have used the product. However, that does not mean that all the products he introduced are false. Maybe some of Pan’s sayings have exaggerated and unintentionally made viewers believe that the quality of those products is really nothing to criticize.

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