[Update] 7.62×39 vs 300 Blackout

Many outdoorsmen who like rifles will approve that the 7.62×39 and the .300 Blackout are both great cartridges that provide some benefits over the .223 Remington. While these two cartridges are very similar, there are some differences between them. There is also a lot of misinformation about both regarding their accuracy and how good they … Read more

[Update] What choke for slugs?

There are now a few states that may restrict one to using shotguns for hunting. This would mean using “slugs” is a practical thing to do. Shooting slugs is not difficult. The one drawback is less accuracy. The way to optimize precision is to match the right gun and with the right slug. Once you … Read more

[Update] FNX 9 vs Glock 19

FN FNX 9 vs Glock 19 – which is the better pistol? If you are selecting from these two, will you use it as a self-defense weapon or a sport gun for target shooting? Handguns for either purpose should be used sufficiently in the range to develop a familiarity with the weapon. Here is a … Read more

[Update] Remington 870 Super Mag Review

Known for its many purposes and roles, the Remington 870 Super Magnum 12-Gauge Pump Action Shotgun is a hunting gun standard many outdoorsmen rely on. It is versatile and can be used with everything from light 2.75-inch loads to heavy 3.5-inch magnums. Owing to its interchangeable features, this shotgun is hard to beat in value … Read more

[Update] 300 Blackout for Hunting

The 300 blackout hunting cartridge has all the qualities for it to be a great choice for the field. When the cartridge was produced by Remington and Advanced Armament Corp (AAC) there was a lot of discussion about it. It was developed for the M$ carbine but it also triggered the introduction of the new … Read more

[Update] Carp Bait Recipes for Pay Lakes

Carp bait recipes for pay lakes are numerous and varied. Carp fishes are quite easy to bait. This is great for anyone that is looking to prepare a bait. Some say carps have taste buds, but true or not, these fish are so easy to lure. As long as there is something that looks edible … Read more

[Update] 30/30 Winchester vs 35 Remington

A younger generation of shooters is wrong to think that old-style lever-action rifles are old school and simply hearken to the old West. These are bonafide hunting rifles that have the respect of those that really know how to hunt. These rifles come chambered in all calibers, from the sporty .22 Long Rifle to the … Read more

[Update] Bushnell Trophy Cam Problems

Bushnell is a great quality sports optics company that has been around for over half a century. Their mandate is to produce top-notch and durable sports optics gear. The company’s products are made to improve the outdoor experience. It could range from being a spectator, studying nature, fishing, hunting, bird watching, or simply nature tripping. … Read more

[Update] Remington 760 Gamemaster Problems

In the early 1950s, Remington produced the Model 760 GameMaster rifle. It was a gun that gave a great edge for the company for the pump-action, centerfire rifle design. Created by L.R. Crittendon and William Gail Jr., its design utilized a steel receiver, detachable box magazine. There was also a revolving bolt with more than … Read more