How to Choose a Good Welding Helmet?

It doesn’t matter if we are riding a bike or doing some welding jobs; the most important thing is to have the proper gear that guarantees safety. It is crucial to stay safe and avoid all possible injuries. And for that, if you are doing some welding jobs, you have to buy a welding helmet to protect your face and eyes. Depending on what type of welding jobs you are doing, you are doing them as a hobby or doing some housework or are professional workers; the market offers different kinds of welding helmets to satisfy everybody’s needs.

Things to Consider Before Making a Decision

There are a variety of things and features that the modern-era welding helmets manufacturers offer on the market. It is up to the customer to determine what suits them most and to choose the best welding helmet:

Check with the company– if you are starting to work in a factory in the welding process, check with your employer. Some of the companies to ensure safety for their workers, provide protective gear depending on the job you are working.

Check the standards– depending on the country you are staying or working. Since the welding helmets’ foundational features are safety and security, the welding helmet has to comply with standards-for the US has to meet ANSI standards and for Canada need to be CSI compliant.

Prices of the welding helmets– Depending on the welding helmets, their prices range from cheap to expensive. Depending on doing welding occasionally or every day as a part of your job, sometimes expensive does not mean better if you are not wearing it for long hours and not every day.

Quality– As a protective gear, the welding helmet’s main goal is to provide the safety and security of the person wearing it. Check the quality and the manufacturers who produce gear complying with the standards of the state you are located in.

Welding Helmet Features

There are a lot of different welding helmets on the market. Depending on what you need, you can choose from the options offered:

Helmet Weight– If the helmet is heavier, it can cause pains in your neck, especially if you are wearing it for a couple of hours in a day. If you need to wear it for long hours, consider choosing the lighter welding helmet to release your neck pressure. Although the lighter helmets tend to be more expensive, this option is better to avoid injuries over wearing it for a more extended period.

Passive Lenses– Also called “standard lenses” these lenses come in one shade and have protected welders over the years. To see what he or she is working on, the welder has to keep the helmet in up position and snap it down when he or she has to start working. Being late in snaping it down may cause injuries, and unexperienced welders usually can not manage them, which results in ineffective work.

Auto-darkening lenses– this type of welding helmets with auto-darkening lenses come in shades that suit welder’s needs. They come in various shades and options. This kind of lenses leads to more efficient work, and the welders feel more comfortable not having to snap the helmet on.

Welding shades– it determines the darkness of the welding filter when the arc is struck. Market options offer shades from 8 – 13, with 13 being the darkest. Depending on the job you are doing, you can select your welding shade.

The number of sensors -ranges from 2 to 4 where 2 is for a hobby welder and 4 is for the professional industrial welder.

Sensitivity– it determines the amount of light needed for the welding job. Most of the auto-darkening filters allow the welder to choose the sensitivity required.

Viewing area– the welding helmets also differ in the viewing area. It means that some provide more visibility of the work and the surrounding area, and some do not. A smaller viewing area offers a more focused view.

However, you should consider some of the factors stated and make your decision for whatever you need a welding helmet. As stated in the beginning, the most important thing is to stay safe and secure and to avoid injuries during your work. An expensive or cheaper solution is up to you but bare in mind that it will help you stay safe for a longer period wearing. Explore all the options on the market and choose the best welding helmet-suitable for you.

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