[Update] Carp Bait Recipes for Pay Lakes

Carp bait recipes for pay lakes are numerous and varied. Carp fishes are quite easy to bait. This is great for anyone that is looking to prepare a bait. Some say carps have taste buds, but true or not, these fish are so easy to lure. As long as there is something that looks edible … Read more

What to feed minnows to keep them alive?

If you are raising minnows to have bait, to have them as your pet, or just to recognize their habits in the wild, knowing what to feed minnows to keep them alive in a certain environment, time, size can help your purpose in raising them. Here are some answers to mysteries that people have been … Read more

[Update] Can you eat bullhead fish?

Bullhead, mud pout, pollywogs, or mud cats, horned pout, river cats, and other names can be used interchangeably. They are one the same fish that can be found on sources of water that is muddy. Many people are wondering if you can eat a bullhead fish. Well, to answer your questions about this type of … Read more