[Update] Neptune vs. Poseidon

Neptune vs. Poseidon, are they the same or not? Many people say that Neptune and Poseidon are both characterized as the ocean’s deities, but is it true? This page is perfect for those who missed Greek and Roman mythology information because we will discuss those two gods’ differences. Expect that we are going to show … Read more

SOLVED! What is skip breathing?

What is skip-breathing? Is it helpful during scuba diving or not? Is it dangerous? Are there consequences if the diver always does skip-breathing? These are some of the questions that people ask before trying. In this article, we will explain what skip breathing is. Also, the mentioned questions would finally be answered here. You will … Read more

SOLVED! Why don’t sharks eat clowns?

Why don’t sharks eat clowns?’ are among the most frequently asked questions that people wonder what’s the answer. People know that sharks have a fearsome reputation. In movies, they appear merciless in attacking humans. It gave the impression that they love to eat humans rather than fish. But is this the answer? Are humans the … Read more

[Updated] Pony Bottle Regulator

We are talking about the small scuba diving cylinder that divers carry as an extension to the scuba set for newbie divers. The pony bottle is used during an emergency underwater, such as a shortage of the diver’s main supply of breathing gas. So named “pony” due to its small size, pony bottles are often … Read more

[Updated] Where are hog regulators made?

Are you looking for quality regulators without spending too much? HOG offers low-cost regulators without sacrificing quality. HOG regulators are on top of the list of easy breathing regulators at an affordable price. They do their job well without useless gadgets or undue attention and over-the-top maintenance. While other companies enforce minimum pricing policies on … Read more

Wetsuit for fat guys (Guide and Tips)

Diving is for everyone. Whether you have a slim or fat body, as long as you can swim and have proper diving training, then you can go for it. Do not let your weight hindrance your hobbies. Follow your heart’s longingness and be happy. But remember, do not forget to choose the proper diving apparel … Read more

[Updated] How much do saturation divers make?

Saturation diving is one of the hazardous jobs that anyone could take. However, commercial divers consider this as the most unconventional form of their living. It requires divers with intense experience and skills who can handle the immense training. Divers would put under tireless situations and activities underwater. This may sound easy to some divers, … Read more

[Updated] How does a rebreather work?

One of the essential tools in diving is reliable equipment to ensure supreme protection. Products are everywhere, but you can rely on Draeger diving equipment to look for the best. They are known for having a wide range of diving accessories that could complete your diving career. Also, one of their available products is their … Read more

[Updated] Shark attacks in cozumel !

Just 30 miles long and 10 miles wide, the stunning island of Cozumel offers a wide array of activities and attractions for tourists. This gorgeous little paradise in the Caribbean is simply teeming with marine life. The tourists from all over the world flock to this beautiful Mexican island for an actual diving-paradise experience. Cozumel … Read more

Naui vs.Padi (What’s the best for you?)

Scuba diving is one way to explore the underwater scenery, enjoy the wonders below the surface and discover the aquatic universe. While swimming in the depths of the ocean is like traveling into another dimension. The limited supply of air from your tank wouldn’t be a hindrance. You will forget all about it as you … Read more