Attractions may vary based on venue size.


Travel through the Mesozoic Era and learn all about your favorite dinosaurs from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods! In this walk-through exhibit, you'll see and learn about giant, moving, roaring dinosaurs set in their natural environments!

Themed Inflatables

Kids ages 2-12 can jump and play on a variety of inflatables. Socks are required. Height restrictions are displayed on site as inflatables are individually geared towards little kids or big kids. Little: must be taller than 32" and Big: must be taller than 36".

The number of inflatables may be limited by venue size.

Meet a Meat-Eater

Meet our T-Rex! Kids of all ages can get up close and personal with a Tyrannosaurus Rex! Find him in the exhibit space multiple times a day to learn, touch, and get a photo of your kid with this prehistoric giant. Times vary by market so look for the "Meet a Meat Eater" sign at the exhibit for locally scheduled appearance times. 

Dino Rides

Hop in the saddle on top of one of these animatronic dinosaurs. They move up and down, side to side, breathe and roar. Must be 40" or taller to ride the dino.

Face Painting*

Free dino-themed temporary tattoos are available for guests of all ages. Also, choose from a variety of dino-themed face paint designs as part of the adventure. Face painting is included with the T-Rex package, and those with general admission tickets can purchase a face paint design.

* Additional fees apply for Face Painting

Dino Dig

Brush up on your paleontology skills as you uncover hidden dino bones in the Valley of the Bones.

Dino Den

Perfect for young dinosaur lovers under the age of two, the Dino Den features a toddler-friendly climbing area and activities. Must be under 42" to play in this area.

Dino Den may not be available in space-restricted venues.

Photo Opportunities

Throughout the exhibit are dozens of great family photo opportunities; please share them on our social media pages. @DTDUnleashed

Scavenger Hunt

Become a Jr. Paleontologist for a day! A dinosaur research guide with fun facts and trivia guides visitors to clues and answers within the exhibit. Kids receive a prize when they complete the tour.

Cretaceous Crafts

From prehistoric themed coloring sheets to painting a T-Shirt, kids can participate in a variety of crafts that they can take home after the exhibit. All activities in this area are part of general admission.

Fossil Find*

You can purchase a bag of mining rough and step up to the sluice to shake it out. Sifting through the running water will reveal fossils that you can take home!

* Additional fees apply for Fossil Find

Dino Raceway

Kids can experience the thrill of racing while driving Jurassic-themed vehicles in our unique Dino Raceway! Weight restriction of 100 lbs and age guidelines below. If a child is too young to drive, they can always be paired with another child as a passenger. 

Drivers aged: 3-12

Passengers aged:  1-6

Mesozoic Mini Golf

Adults and kids can test their skills in the Mesozoic Mini Golf featuring fun, unique, and challenging holes!

Fossil Etching

Create fun & unique etchings of prehistoric fossils with your little Jr. Paleontologists!