The goal of Discover the Dinosaurs is to create a fun environment of learning and activity that explores the wonder and mystery of our pre-historic past.

Timeline Sign

Often referred to as the ‘Age of the Dinosaurs”, dinosaurs lived during the Mesozoic era, which ran from about 250 million to 65 million years ago. This era of time consisted of three periods known as Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous Periods. Dinosaurs and pre-historic reptiles prevailed during the Mesozoic era, which lasted for over 185 million years. Dinosaurs became extinct at the end of this era, about 65 million years ago. The Cenozoic Era followed from 65 million years ago to 0 million years ago, ending with the Great Ice Age and the first humans on earth.


Scavenger Hunt

Discover the answer to each “scavenger hunt” question by tracking the dinosaurs through the exhibit in scenes listed 1-8 on your scavenger hunt sheet. Answers can be found in the scene that corresponds with each question. Scavenger Hunt Sample
(Answer to first question can be found in scene #1, answer to second question can be found in scene #2, etc.) Find and mark your answers on your sheet. Once you have the answers to all 8 questions, congratulations, you’ve finished the scavenger hunt.

Dinosaur Facts

Each one of our Dinosaurs has a corresponding plaque that is chock-full of information. Guests are educated about what time period Dinosaur lived, what they ate, where they lived, their size compared to humans and much more. Dino Sign The large plaque (shown above) has a FAST FACT about each Dinosaur that even our most knowledgeable guests may not have known.
Dino Sign